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Paradise Color

JnStore Leader in Online Sales colorful nail gel for nail reconstruction in continuous expansion to always offer trendy colors, innovative and in line with current trends. The wide range of colored nail gels or call them more commonly uv colored gels includes many pure and super bright colors with unbeatable prices. The colored uv led gels can be used not only for the covering of the nail but also for the creation of colored french or nail art decorations. After having carried out the reconstruction of the nails or the covering in gel, spread the Colored Uv Gels chosen by you in thin and homogeneous way and let to dry the led lamp 60 seconds or in lamp uv for 120 seconds. If you want a more intense color uv color coloring you can repeat the process. The color gels must be sealed with a High Gloss nail seal gel that will be dried in a LED lamp for 60 seconds or in a UV lamp for 120 seconds, then degreased with a pad soaked in a cleaner. UV Color gels are highly pigmented, ultracoprent, quick to apply, super bright and the wide range of choice allows you to find the color gel that will make your nails perfect every day and in every occasion. The color gels are presented in a 5gr can and are of the highest German quality Made in Germany for professional quality use. NOstri colored nail gels are produced either in Germany with the Made in Germany mark or even in different European regions, to differentiate the production and quality of JnStore's UV Gel and Colored Gel. The high yield of these colored nail gels allows you to apply a single coat of products without having to waste too much colored gel. JnStore offers cheap colored Uv Gel but with high quality because we do not use intermediators in the online sales of nail gels, but we are the direct producers and sellers of our brand, so our nail gels can be called cheap colored gels.