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Triphasic Gel

As you can guess from the name, the three-phase nail reconstruction method is a practice that involves the use of three different gels depending on the processing phase. The three-phase nail reconstruction gel must include bonding for the adhesion of other products, an ideal builder for shaping and a finish that will seal the nail art work. All these three-phase gels are presented in jars of 5gr and 30ml, you can choose between transparent gel or rosé shades and are always certified with the quality made in Germany typical of JnStore. If your magic wish formula is price three-phase gel and you are looking for a wide range of triptychs, then you are in the right place. The experience of the name JnStore not only affects the quality of professional products, but the ability to offer a wide range of offers ranging from comfortable and indispensable primers, to the more specific products of the Star Line line, always economically advantageous, calibrated on experiences and necessity. So, specifically, what is the tri-phase nail treatment? Unlike the monophasic model, the triphasic treatment is always composed of an adhesion mediator, a three-phase construction UV gel and a sealant. As well as the three musketeers Athos, Porthos and Aramis, we add the protagonist of the novel, D'Artagnan also in our triphasic treatment you can add a fourth element that can make the difference to maximize the final result. The nail prep (or dehydrating) is a liquid that completely degreases and dries the nail, cleaning it in an optimal way both from fat and residual water particles and is essential to perform an excellent job on difficult nails. After having prepared the nail properly, the base gel is applied, which allows to obtain an impeccable adhesion to the natural nail, so as to favor the subsequent drafting. Once properly dried, you can proceed with the application of the construction gel, a triphasic uv gel, useful for giving shape and structure to the nail, giving it strength and an optimal grip over time. Finally, after a second drying phase, the grand finale is oriented with a sealant, a gel that serves to seal the work done and, at the same time, to give the nail a shiny effect and can also be applied to protect the nail art and decorations. The last thing to do is show off your care hands ... without worries!