Led Lamps

The lamp for Nail Gel is a fundamental tool for nail reconstruction, up to now we are used to using Uv nail lamp that in JnStore we have replaced it with a nail lamp or as often called uv led lamp, these lamps or often called furnaces o Nail-polish prices are the new lamp for gel that are used in the nails and Nail Art reconstruction. I am this LED lamp or even the Uv lamp, we will not be able to cure the Nail Gel or even the Semi Permanent nail polish. Our Led lamps of the Sunlight Line with the original SunOne Lamp, is ideal for all UV and LED gels and for all semi-permanent glazes. Often you have difficulty choosing the ideal nail lamp for your purpose but we have made an article on our blog where we talk about how to choose your own Led UV lamp. Our catalog boasts various LED lamps that have high level performances, guarantee the drying of the Gels and semi-permanent glazes very quickly, as opposed to the UV lamp that takes a long time for the Polymerization of products for nail reconstruction. Our lamps are guaranteed as lamp life and performance and guarantee an optimal result.