Why do Nail Gels sometimes burn while Curing?

Why do Nail Gels sometimes burn while Curing?

One thing is certain: the burning of the nail in the lamp does not depend entirely on the products used for nail reconstruction, but also on other factors such as heat, the state of health of the nail and the person.

In this article we will try to focus on the most common factors

Why do my Nails Burn?

Burning can caused by the condition of your client's nails and by the type of work that you do:

watch out for those who have particularly damaged and weak nails, but also for those who use their hands to work and maybe use very aggressive chemicals on a daily basis.

Attention that the burning can also be caused by the operator: aggressive filing thins the nail with consequent greater sensitization of the same.

The same gel for nails, moreover, used on different people can provoke different reactions; to some it can cause remarkable burns, while to others it provokes no reaction.

This obviously depends on the sensitivity that changes from person to person.

Pain is not felt by everyone in the same way.

A solution to intense burning could be, for example,switching the uv led lamp from 48w to 24w (with the models that have this option), or, if not possible, to keep taking the hand inside and outside the lamp every 5-10 seconds.

On the market there are also LED lamps that increase power gradually, that could also be a good solution.

The burning, however, is more intense at certain times of the year, let's not forget that the gel is a light-curing product and solidifies thanks to a chemical reaction is therefore very sensitive to weather change.

In particular, the burning can be more intense in season changes, for example when you switch from a cold to a warm season and vice versa.

in some cases the burning could be caused by the fact that the operator has put an excessive dose of gel on the nail, to avoid this it is better to put less abundant layer and maybe repeat it several times.

In case of burning, invite the customer to pull out his hand and press the fingertips on the table for a while, then you can insert their hand back inside the UV or LED lamp