Nail Refill with Gels or Gel polish:  Why should you do it?

Nail Refill with Gels or Gel polish: Why should you do it?

Those who practice nail reconstruction as an activity to all effects or those who practice it for passion, certainly knows very well what I'm talking about.

The Refil, the moment in which the customer returns to "redo the nails" is one of the important moments of our work, since from here, we can determine if, the customer has been satisfied, if the previous application of the Gel or Gel Polish has been performed to regulate art and especially as it often happens, we compare with previous periods to see how much has actually held the previous reconstruction or Refil.

Often, I find myself "new" customers who come to me to fix the "old versions" of Refil made by my other colleagues, this is certainly a reason for great personal satisfaction, but at the same time we all know what it means to work on a job carried out by others ... means disassembling everything ...

So let's talk more specifically, given that today's topic is the Refil, so what are we waiting for ...?

How often do I have to do the Refil with Gel?

First we must keep in mind that the natural nails grow on average 1 - 2 mm per week and their regrowth varies from person to person, from age, from the state of health and also from the season and period of the year, for example generally in summer tend to grow faster!

The toenails grow more slowly, but now let's focus on our hands! As the nails grow, the stress point that we have painstakingly modeled with the gel in the reconstruction or in the previous refil moves forward towards the tip and thus destabilizing the structure.

Let's say that in non-problematic nails the refil (also called monthly retouching or filling) should be performed approximately every 3-4 weeks. Unfortunately, not everyone is lucky enough to have healty nails, in fact, generally people recourse to nail reconstruction because of some problems.

Let's see some:

onychophagic nails: unfortunately a rather common problem. In this case, after the first treatment, the onicotecnica will advise how much time to pass according to the seriousness of the situation. Generally the first touch-up is done after 2 weeks to check the previous work and to make sure that the client does not gnaw the nails. As the situation improves the treatments will be able to expand over time

spoon nails: they are nails that tend to grow upwards, often a consequence of onychophagy. Also in this case the treatments will have to be rather close because, the nail growing upwards will tend to detach the gel creating bubbles.

parrot nails: they are nails that grow instead downwards. Also in this case the treatments will be every 2-3 weeks because the nail growing downwards will tend to detach itself from the gel on the tips destabilizing the structure and assuming an unaesthetic shape of a bird of prey.

You can change this shape periodically shorten the length of the natural nail and lengthen the nails artificially with the use of maps

But how do you make a refil?

First you have to evaluate the state of the nails: are they broken? Are there any lifts? Are they in order?

After understanding the general state of the hands of your client you have to disinfect them properly, then gently push the cuticles with an orange wood stick, then start to lower the gel by gently rubbing it in order not to cut the natural nail excessively.

If the nails do not show breakage or lifting, it will be possible to file away only the old "C" curvature without eliminating the whole product; instead if there are breakings or lifting, the product must be completely removed. At the end of this operation we will proceed by applying the same products used in the previous reconstruction or refil and repairing and / or lengthening any broken nails.

N: B: if you decide to use products other than the previous treatment, you will have to completely eliminate the old product from the nail to avoid any incompatibility of products resulting in breakage and unsightly lifting.

Always recommend to your customers to carry out the refil after 3-4 weeks or in any case never over 5 weeks because the nails would become excessively long with a considerable destabilization of the structure which would almost certainly lead to the painful breakage of the natural nails.

Thank you for your attention!