Tips and Trick on How to Keep your Nail Reconstruction in the Best Shape!

Tips and Trick on How to Keep your Nail Reconstruction in the Best Shape!

Tips on How to Maintain a Good Nail Reconstruction:

Nail reconstruction is not indestructible, but it is certainly more resistant than natural nails.


With gel rebuilt nails you can safely carry out any domestic business.

However, it is always recommended to use gloves when we are in contact with water, especially with aggressive detergents, also to avoid damaging the skin.

Also so you do not have to worry about getting the nails damaged or getting the newly applied semi-permanent polish scratched.

The reconstructed nails do not need special care daily, but its recomennded to get a Refil every 3-4 weeks depending on the Nails.

That said, here are some tips to keep your Gel nail recontruction at its best:

-The first advice is: when you have an appointment with the onicotics, do not immerge your hands in water for long period (for example, do not wash dishes) and do not use hand creams before getting your nails done;

-Smoking can also make your Nails Yellow

- Very dusty objects such as sheets and / or boxes can make your nails slightly gray;

-Especially in winter, pay attention to some dark, new clothes, like; pants, sweaters, gloves, etc ... Because they might "stain" your nails.This happens primarily with light colors and / or french;

-Do not immerse your hands in hot water, in some cases they can cause detachment or lifting;

- Some medications, such as antibiotics, cortisone, antidepressants, etc ... can negatively affect your reconstruction as "your" natural nails may be weakened due to these drugs;

-In case of detachments or lifting, apply transparent enamel; You can apply enamel on your reconstruction of any color, but first apply a transparent base, so it will not yellow the gel below, and always remove with a * acetone not acetone; * Using pure acetone will ruin the colored gel;

-Do not eat and do not keep the reconstructed nails in the mouth saliva is acidic and can create problems of lifting to the nail reconstruction;

Do not file the nails,doing so will remove the final sealant and the reconstruction would become precarious and unstable;

-Do not shorten the nails with scissors or clippers, but if you really must and can not do without it use only the file;

-Hurry is a bad councilor, avoid taking big bumps or beatings.

-Do not use nails as tools, to lift tabs or other help with other objects, for example the tip of a knife;

- Be punctual to the refill every 3/4 weeks to avoid compromising your reconstruction. After 4 weeks the work to be carried out can no longer be considered refills.

-Your nail technician could also ask you for a supplement;

-Do not nibble the reconstruction with your teeth;

-Do not nibble or cut the cuticles;

-Do not cut the cuticles, as these protect our nails;

-Do not pull the gel with your hands or with tools such as scissors, limes etc;

-Attention to creams and soaps for hands, on the market they are found with "large" quantities of Glycerin, these large quantities lead to lifting of the gel;

-Use cuticle oil;

Last advice, when you go on vacation, even if only for a few days.

Bring a small bag with you in your bag, we call survival kit for our nails.

Just a file, a transparent nail polish and cuticle oil.

For any problem contact the onicotecnich immediately without taking their own initiatives, which could cause further damage.