The History of Nail Reconstruction Pt.1

The History of Nail Reconstruction Pt.1

Hi girls, today's serious topic: nail history!

But do not worry I will not talk about dinosaurs or Charlemagne but a story more interesting loooong!

The history of nail polish.

Have you ever wondered how the practice of decorating your nails was born?

What products did they use in antiquity?

What color was in fashion?

If you are curious, keep reading.

history nails 1

Archaeological testimonies date the first nail decoration practices to 5000 years ago !

Testimonies say that Indian women used henna to decorate their fingernails and red fingers.

Even in ancient Egypt, the use of henna was widespread among the great queens, Cleopatra and Nefertiri adored this practice using and mixing henna with various substances to change its typically red color .

In 3000 a.c. also the Chinese dynasty began to decorate the nails with natural compounds such as acacia sap or bee wax mixed with vegetable dyes to create colored shades of color or using gold or silver powders.

Let's not forget the ancient INCA that according to archaeological findings would be the first inventors of nail art, in fact they used to decorate their nails with depictions of eagles.

One thing unites all these populations in the decoration of the nails: it identified the social status.

In fact, decorating the nails was a practice that belonged only to the upper and privileged social classes, in fact, were practices reserved for women who did not have to perform any kind of job or duty.

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And here archaeological evidence stops to re-start with the Middle Ages and in particular during the Renaissance period where, after a dark and obscure period of history, one finally has the desire to return to take care of one's own person.

In fact, the first products for the treatment of the person and especially of the nails date back to the Renaissance period.

In the famous Victorian-era novel "Madame Bovary" we read of an enamel with oil that had to be spread on the nail with a small piece of suede, in fact the protagonist was very keen to have beautiful, pointed nails.

In the United States, the practice of manicure is so successful that in 1878 Mary E.Cobb opens the first nail salon, super luxurious and not accessible to all, was equipped with everything you need scissors, files, brushes and powders, but will have to wait a few more years before the invention of the cardboard file and pusher-shaped orange sticks.

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In the early 1900's the enamel predecessor was invented as we know it today, that is, a flask and applicator brush, but we must wait until the 1920s to finally use it.

And it was precisely the 1920s that decreed a real revolution in the world of manicures.

- end of first part-

Did you like the history lesson? :-) I'll wait for you next week for the second part