Paradise Color Gel UV Wine 108
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Paradise Color Gel UV Wine 108

Paradise Color Gel UV Wine 108 - Color Gel Self Levelling extra covering High Performance 8gr | JnStore
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Color Gel Paradise Color Line

The Paradise Line Line is a line of high-micropigmentation colored gels, ideal for nail reconstruction. The high color pigmentation, allows a simplified application already from a single pass. The self-leveling effect ensures a homogeneous laying without leaving depressions.

The maxi 8g package unique in the industry, guarantees to have available a lot of color gel.

How to apply the products of Paradise Color © by JnStore:

The application of JnStore © products while being very easy to apply, with these small precautions, we can guarantee the durability for over 4 weeks of the Gel

  1. The preparation of the nail is fundamental, therefore, after having filed and opacified the nail, apply the Nail Prep ©, the latter is necessary to prevent the formation of molds and completely eliminate particles of water and oily particles that can interfere and obviously to limit the duration of the application of the enamel, the Nail Prep © will dry in the air after a few seconds and since the JnStore Nail Prep © does not contain acids, it does not leave harmful residues.
  2. Apply Primer ©, a high-adhesion liquid base that protects the nail creating a light protective film between the natural nail and the glazes. Here you can choose between Primer Bond Vita or Primer Extreme Bond, both of which do not contain Acids.
  3. When the "preparatory" products are dry, apply Power Bonder or Bonder Acid Free with a light layer and "A Glaze" and dry in a UV lamp or LED.
  4. Then start to create the structure with Clear Sky, working the Builder Gel well giving the desired shape and creating the Crowning at the point of stress (or Curvature to C), put in the lamp 60 seconds after which correct with the Limitation any depressions, creating the perfect shape.
  5. At this point the application of the colors of the Paradise Color Line is simplified on a resistant and already self-leveled basis, then apply the various colors and polymerize in a UV lamp or LED.
  6. All that remains is to apply the HighGloss © or Shining Top Coat © sealant, sealing well at the tip and then drying in the lamp.

We always recommend to soften cuticles and to give further shine to apply Cutnier Passion Collection © oil by JnStore only after 3/4 minutes from the complete Polymerization of the Glossy to avoid that the heat of the Uv Lamp or LED can create an opaque veil on the sealant .

At the end of the work you can pass the Passion Collection Gold Effect cream to soothe your hands and nourish them and to emphasize the Vosra Nail Art just done with the Semi-Permanent DeepShine Glazes ©

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